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Publish and Bedazzled #30 is currently out of print.



 Peter Cook Presents The Misty Mr. Wisty LP
audio files taken from the wonderful 1965 album.
 Peter Cook Docu
as we were asked to contribute 'ideas' for the Carlton TV "Legends" docu, I thought I'd make it available via the site.

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Inside Issue 30:

Poetry Corner: A transcript of "The Glidd of Glood" - that wonderful poem from "Not Only... But Also". Followed by an analysis of the poem, suggesting the Glidd was suffering onanistic tendencies.

Cry Barry for Saint George: Barry Fantoni gives us his personal view of "Over AT Rainbows" - a short but encouraging review of this recent CD release.

Good Afternoon with Mavis Nicholson: A full transcript of the interview Cook & Moore gave in '73 - Pete & Dud discuss their rapidly crumbling relationship.

Behind The Fringe In Australia: A plethora of sketches taken from Cooke & Moore's 1970 tour of Aus:
               Prestissimo: A pleasantly odd sketch in which a police offcier issues a speeding ticket to a pianist.
               Gospel Truth: Ardent fans will know this sketch from "Good Evening" and "Saturday Night Live"
               Moody: Pete & Dud play husband and wife. As they chat to each other a screen behind them shows their real thoughts.
               Foreign Office: Peter Cook and Dudley Moore attempt to decipher a coded message, sent by the Chinese to the Foreign Office; "Kwong ming haja din haja fooor khad'ja something something khadja".

Sketch Guide (aka anoraks corner): a rundown of all the sketches from the UK & Aus tours of Behind The Fridge plus the American version, Good Evening.

Peter Cook: Jem "The Clem" Roberts provides us with a posthumorous tribute to the great man.

Polls, Socks, Clocks & Fags: Transcript of Peter Cook's 1988 appearance on Michael Aspe'ls chatshow.

Book Review: The Holy Dragger reviews "Tragically I Was An Only Twin: The Complete Peter Cook".

Sketch: A suitably stupid Sir Arthur explains his idea of teaching flowers Not Only to speak, But Also to walk.

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