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Peter Cook DiscographyDiscography | Albums | Singles
This discography would not have been possible without Laugh Fanzine's Cook discography. Laugh is available from 89 Welford Road, Kingsthorpe, Northants NN2 8AJ, UK or 143 Arlington Avenue, Berekely, CA 94707, USA. Subscriptions per annum are ten pounds for UK, twenty dollars US. Other sources have included Roger Wilmut's excellent summary of Cook's work in Something Like Fire: Peter Cook Remembered, Harry Thompson's Peter Cook: A Biography and Alexander Games's Pete & Dud: An Illustrated Biography. For further information on all these titles, please see our Further Reading Section. We would also like to thank the Kenneth Williams Appreciation SocietyMr. Blint's Attic, Helen Gardner and Some Of The Corpses Are Amusing. If anyone out there knows of any missing details or errors in our current entries, or of any glaring omissions we've made, please let us know at the usual address.
CREDIT: Compiled by the Publish & Bedazzled editorial team.

 Peter Cook Presents The Misty Mr. Wisty LP
audio files taken from the wonderful 1965 album.
 Peter Cook Docu
as we were asked to contribute 'ideas' for the Carlton TV "Legends" docu, I thought I'd make it available via the site.

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[ Compilation Albums: We have noted here those compilation albums featuring just one or two Cook-related sketches which we regard as being the most important. There are, of course, countless other compilation albums and new ones coming out all the time with sketches featuring Peter Cook, but to have included all of them would have clogged up the main flow of the discography. If you feel we have missed out any particularly important ones please drop a line to Clinty ]
The Black & White Blues
1956. Private recording for cast members. Released on 3 78rpm 10" records.
ALBUM: Pieces of 8

Pieces Of Eight
Decca LP LK 4337

Recording of the Kenneth Williams revue.
Peter Cook sketches (writer only): Not An Asp, If Only, Buy British, The Laughing Grains and lyrics for the song Onu Beeby Frisky

ALBUM: One Over The 8

One Over The Eight
Decca LP LK 4393, SKL 4133

Recording of the Kenneth Williams revue.
Peter Cook sketches (writer only): Hand Up Your Sticks, Take Over Bid, Lost Art, Critics Choice, Interesting Facts, One Leg Too Few, Bird Watching and lyrics for the song Peace

CREDITCREDIT:Thanks to Richard Grocock for the scan of this album cover.

The World Of Kenneth Williams
Decca LP SPA 64

Compilation of sketches from Kenneth Williams revues
Peter Cook sketches (writer only): Take Over Bid, Not An Asp, One Leg Too Few, Buy British, Lost Art, Critics Choice, Hand Up Your Sticks

ALBUM: Beyond The Fringe

Beyond The Fringe
Parlophone LP PMC 1145 (re-issued as One Up LP OUM 2151)

Record of revue at the Fortune Theatre, London.
Cast and writers: Alan Bennett, Peter Cook, Jonathan Miller, Dudley Moore

Sketches: Royal Box, The Heat-Death Of The Universe, Bollard, Deutscher Chansons, TVPM, Aftermyth Of The War, Civil War, Real Class, Little Miss Britten, Black Equals White, Take A Pew, The End Of The World

Beyond The Fringe
(US) Capitol LP (S)W 1792 (re-issued as Capitol CD CDp7 92055 2 and Angel CD ZDM 7 64771 2 1)

Record of revue at the John Golden Theatre, New York.
Cast and writers: Alan Bennett, Peter Cook, Jonathan Miller, Dudley Moore

Sketches: Bollard, The Sadder And Wiser Beaver, Deutscher Chansons, Take A Pew, Aftermyth Of The War, Sitting On A Bench, And The Same To You, Portrait From Memory, So That’s The Way You Like It, The End Of The World

Beyond The Fringe ‘64
(US) Capitol LP (S)W 2072

Record of revue at the John Golden Theatre, New York.
Cast: Alan Bennett, Peter Cook, Dudley Moore, Paxton Whitehead.
Writers: Bennett, Cook, Moore and Jonathan Miller

Sketches: Home Thoughts From Abroad, The English Way Of Death, Song, Royal Box, One Leg Too Few, Two English Songs, Lord Cobbold – The Duke, Real Class, A Piece Of My Mind, The Great Train Robbery

Beyond The Fringe
EMI double CD (7 93962 2 1)

Re-release featuring the entire original Parlophone album, plus most of the two American albums, with a longer edit of Sitting On A Bench and the addition of Colonel Bogey

Promo for The Complete Beyond The Fringe
CD digipak cat no. CDFRINGE61

Extracts from "The Complete Beyond The Fringe".
Tracks 1-3 Recorded on Broadway 1964. Tracks 4-8 Recorded in London 1961.

Sketches: One Leg Too Few, The Great Train Robbery, Royal Box, Porn Shop, Black Equals White, TVPM, Bollard, Aftermyth Of War.

The Complete Beyond The Fringe
EMI Triple CD

3 CD set. CD 1 & 2 are the complete London show, CD3 highlights of the American shows.

Sketches: Steppes In The Right Direction, Royal Box, Man Bites God, Let's Face It, Bollard, Heat-Death Of The Universe, Deutscher Chansons, Sadder And The Wiser Beaver, Words...And Things, TVPM, And The Same To You, Aftermyth Of War, Civil War, Real Class, Little Miss Britten, Suspense Is Killing Me, Porn Shop, Death Of Lord Nelson, Frank Speaking, Bloody Rhondda Mine, Black Equals White, Sitting On The Bench, Bread Alone, Take A Pew, So That's The Way You Like It, End Of The World, Bollard, Take A Pew, Aftermyth Of War, Sitting On The Beach, Portraits From Memory, End Of The World, Home Thoughts From Abroad, English Way Of Death, Weill Song, Royal Box, One Leg Too Few, Two English Songs, Lord Cobbold – The Duke, Real Class, Piece Of My Mind, Great Train Robbery

[ Download: One Leg Too Few  mp3|4m30s|4.12mb ]
ALBUM: The Establishment

Peter Cook Presents The Establishment With The Original London Company
Riverside Records US release RM850

Recording from their Broadway run.
Cast: John Bird, Eleanor Bron, John Fortune, Jeremy Geidt.
Written by: the cast and Peter Cook.

Sketches: The Queen, Window On The World, The Balloon, Crime Report, Potatoes-Potatoes, Consent And Advice, Lodgings, He And She, Sports Report.

[ Download: The Queen mp3|2m34s|1.17mb ]
[ Download: Window On The World mp3|11m30s|5.27mb ]
[ Download: The Balloon mp3|1m50s|860kb ]
[ Download: Crime Report mp3|3m15s|1.48mb ]
[ Download: Potatoes-Potatoes mp3|1m02s|485kb ]
[ Download: Consent And Advice mp3|9m03s|4.14mb ]
[ Download: Lodgings mp3|0m37s|292kb ]
[ Download: He And She mp3|8m07s|3.71mb ]
[ Download: Sports Report mp3|3m25s|1.56mb ]

ALBUM: Bridge On The River Wye

Bridge On The River Wye
Parlophone LP PMC 1190,PCS 3036 (Nov 1962)

Spike Milligan, Peter Sellers, Peter Cook, Jonathan Miller.
Milligan-scripted Goon show based around the 1957 Goon Show An African Incident and the film Bridge On The River Kwai.

Peter Cook plays the narrator and Captain Hawkins.

[ Download: Bridge On The River Wye mp3|33m49s|7.74mb ]

Private Eye’s Blue Record
Transatlantic LP TRA 131 1965

Untitled tracks by Cook, Moore, Barry Humphries, Willie Rushton, Richard Ingrams, John Wells

ALBUM: The Misty Mr Wisty

Peter Cook Presents The Misty Mr. Wisty
Decca LP LK 4722 1965

Cooks monologues from On The Braden Beat.

Sketches: World Domination League, Royalty, The Tadpole Expert, Are You Spotty?, C.P. Snow, Peace Through Nudism, O’er Hill And Dale, A Bee Life, The Man Who Invented The Wheel, The Plib, Food For Thought, Spindly Legs, Man’s Best Friend, The E.L. Wisty Festival Of The Arts

[ Download: World Domination League mp3|6m26s|2.94mb ]
 Download: Royalty mp3|4m09s|1.9mb ]
[ Download: The Tadpole Expert mp3|3m48s|1.74mb ]
[ Download: Are You Spotty? mp3|3m34s|1.63mb ]
[ Download: C.P. Snow mp3|3m38s|1.66mb ]
 Download: Peace Through Nudism mp3|3m57s|1.81mb ]
[ Download: O’er Hill And Dale mp3|3m57s|1.65mb ]
 Download: A Bee Life mp3|3m46s|1.72mb ]
[ Download: The Man Who Invented The                  Wheel mp3|3m27s|1.58mb ]
 Download: The Plib mp3|3m20s|1.52mb ]
[ Download: Food For Thought mp3|3m01s|1.38mb ]
 Download: Spindly Legs mp3|4m16s|1.95mb ]
[ Download: Man’s Best Friend mp3|3m06s|1.42mb ]
 Download: The E.L. Wisty Festival Of The                  Arts mp3|3m37s|1.65mb ]

ALBUM: Not Only But Also LP1

Not Only Peter Cook But Also Dudley Moore
Decca LP LK 4703 1965

Record of the first series.

Sketches: The Ravens, Superstitions pt1 & pt2, Tramponuns, Art Gallery, Initials, Religions pt1 & pt2

[ Download: Superstitions pt1 mp3|9m14s|4.23mb ]
 Download: Superstitions pt2 mp3|3m13s|1.47mb ]
[ Download: Tramponuns mp3|3m39s|1.67mb ]
[ Download: Initials mp3|2m11s|1.00mb ]
[ Download: Religions pt1 mp3|7m32s|3.44mb ]
[ Download: Religions pt2 mp3|7m32s|3.44mb ]

ALBUM: Once Moore With Cook

Once Moore With Cook
Decca LP LK 4785 1966

Record of the second series of Not Only… But Also.

Sketches: Dud and Pete On Sex, Father And Son, The Frog And Peach, Six Of The Best, The Music Teacher, A Bit Of A Chat, Dud and Pete At The Zoo, The Psychiatrist

[ Download: Pete And Dud On Sex mp3|9m30s|4.35mb ]
[ Download: The Music Teacher mp3|5m56s|2.72mb ]

ALBUM: Bedazzled

Bedazzled (Movie soundtrack)
Decca LP LK 4923 1968 Ltd. Edition vinyl pressing Harkit Records 1997.

CD release Harkit Records HRK8001 (Feb 2001).All music by Dudley Moore. Peter Cook sings on the title song.

Music: Main Title, Moon Time, Strip Club, Italy, The Leaping Nuns’ Chorus, G.P.O. Tower, * Love Me, * Bedazzled, The Millionaire, Sweet Mouth, Cornfield, Goodbye George, Lillian Lust

*Lyrics by Peter Cook.

Bedazzled is currently available in CD format from

Peter Cook And Dudley Moore Cordially Invite You To Go To Hell!
20th Century Fox single sided LP (no number)

30 minute improvised promo for Bedazzled. Only 600 pressed.

The Music Of Dudley Moore
Cube Records TOOFA 14-1/2 1978

Double album.

Side 1 features music from 30 Is A Dangerous Age, Cynthia and one track from Bedazzled, Moontime.

Side 2 features, from Bedazzled, Italy, Bedazzled, Millionaire, Cornfield, Lillian Lust.

Sides 3 and 4 are various tracks by The Dudley Moore trio.

Goodbye Again
Decca LPLK 4981 1968

Record of ATV series of the same name.

Sketches: The Trial, Long Distance, Mrs. Woolley’s Curse, Aversion Therapy, Workout, War Correspondent.

[ Download: The Trial mp3|7m50s|3.58mb ]
[ Download: Long Distance mp3|8m29s|3.88mb ]
[ Download: Mrs. Woolley’s Curse mp3|7m45s|3.54mb ]
[ Download: Aversion Therapy mp3|8m55s|4.08mb ]
[ Download: Workout mp3|8m46s|4.01mb ]
[ Download: War Correspondent mp3|7m20s|3.36mb ]

Not Only… But Also
Decca LP LK 5080 1970

Record of the third series.

Sketches: The Wardrobe, In The Club, Lengths, This Is Ludwig Van Beethoven, The Making Of A Movie, 0-0 Dud

[ Download: The Wardrobe mp3|10m17s|4.70mb ]
[ Download: In The Club mp3|6m41s|3.06mb ]
 Download: Lengths mp3|8m42s|3.98mb ]

ALBUM: World of Pete and Dud

The World Of Pete  & Dud
Decca LP PA 311, Laughing Stock CD LAF CD 5

Compilation of all three Not Only… But Also albums.

Sketches: A Bit of A Chat, Lengths, The Psychiatrist, Art Gallery, The Ravens, Father and Son, Six of the Best, Dud Dreams

The Clean Tapes
Cube LP HIFLY 26

Compilation of all three Not Only… But Also albums, plus the Goodbye Again album plus some tracks from singles.

Sketches: Newsreel Overture*, The Music Teacher, Tramponuns, Pete And Dud On Sex, Isn’t She A Sweetie, The Real Stuff**, Father And Son, Lovely Lady Of The Roses, Lengths, Aversion Therapy, Goodbyee

* Music sting from Goodbye Again
** Music sting from 30 Is A Dangerous Age Cynthia - Dudley Moore’s 1968 solo film for which he wrote the soundtrack.

[ Download: The Music Teacher mp3|5m56s|2.72mb ]
[ Download: Tramponuns mp3|3m39s|1.67mb ]
[ Download: Pete And Dud On Sex mp3|9m30s|4.35mb ]
[ Download: Isn’t She A Sweetie mp3|2m58s|1.36mb ]
[ Download: Lovely Lady Of The Roses mp3|3m27s|1.58mb ]
[ Download: Aversion Therapy mp3|8m37s|3.94mb ]
[ Download: Goodbyee mp3|1m59s|936kb ]

The World Of British Comedy
Decca LP PA39

General compilation.

Peter Cook sketches: Hand Up Your Sticks (performed by Kenneth Williams and Lance Percival), Father And Son (performed by Peter Cook and Dudley Moore)

[ Download: Hand Up Your Sticks  mp3|2m21s|2.14mb ]

More Fun At One

Features The Music Teacher

 1964-1970 Private Eye’s Golden Years Of Sound
Lyntone LP LYN 2745,6 (1973)

Collection of all eight flexidiscs up to that date (see Singles)

Behind The Fridge
(Aus) Atlantic LP SD 1005

Record of Australian version of the stage show.

Sketches: Hello, A Conservative [Hypnosis], The Gospel Truth, On Location, Conservative [By-Election Loser Speech], Tea For Two

ALBUM: Behind The Fridge

Behind The Fridge
(UK) Atlantic LP K 40503

Record of London version of the stage show. Sketches: Hello, On Location, Mini Drama, Gospel Truth, Tea For Two

Good Evening
(US) Island LP ILPS 9298

Record of American stage show.

Sketches: Hello, Madrigal, Six Of The Best, One Leg Too Few, The Frog And Peach, Die Flabbergast, Gospel Truth, Mini-Drama.

(The track listing shown above, is as my album cover, however the actual order of the tracks is quite different - as shown below - if anyone has any information as to why this might be, please contact Anne T'ing.)

Hello, One Leg Too Few, Madrigal, Mini-Drama, Six Of The Best, The Frog And Peach, Die Flabbergast, Gospel Truth.

[ Download: Hello mp3|4m52s|4.45mb ]
[ Download: One Leg Too Few mp3|4m00s|3.67mb ]
[ Download: Madrigal mp3|1m35s|1.45mb ]
[ Download: Mini-Drama mp3|10m57s|1.45mb ]
[ Download: Six Of The Best mp3|3m42s|3.38mb ]
[ Download: The Frog And Peach mp3|6m38s|6.08mb ]
[ Download: Die Flabbergast mp3|1m08s|1.04mb ]
[ Download: Gospel Truth mp3|9m38s|8.82mb ]

ALBUM: Derek and Clive (Live)

Derek And Clive (Live)
Island LP ILPS 9434, Krass KLP 68, CD IMCD 7

Sketches: The Worst Job I Ever Had, This Bloke Came Up To Me, The Worst Job He Ever Had, Squatter And The Ant, In The Lav, Little Flo, Just One Of Those Songs, Winky Wanky Woo, Bo Dudley, Blind, Top Rank, Cancer, Jump.

[ Download: Little Flo  mp3|0m30s|471kb ]

ALBUM: Derek and Clive Come Again

Derek And Clive Come Again
Virgin LP V 2094, Krass KLP 69

Virgin CD CD0VD 110 (N.B. includes extra tracks marked with *)
EMI 724352861224

Sketches: You Stupid Cunt*, Coughing Contest, Cancer, Non-Stop Dancer, My Mum Song, Joan Crawford, Norman The Carpet, How’s Your Mother, Back Of The Cab, Alfie Noakes, Nurse, In The Cubicles, Ross McPharter, Hello Colin, Having A Wank, I Saw This Bloke, Parking Offence, Members Only, Valerie’s Hymen*, Mother*, Films*, Young Dudley Performs ‘Jump’*

(Note: the original LP came with sleeve notes which are missing on the CD re-release. Some of the extras tracks on the CD come from the Ad Nauseum sessions. ‘Films’ only came with the first issue of the Virgin CD)

[ Download: You Stupid Cunt  mp3|1m29s|1.36mb ]

ALBUM: Derek and Clive Ad Nauseum

Derek And Clive Ad Nauseum
Virgin LP V 2112, Krass KLP 70
Virgin CD CD0VD 162 (N.B. includes extra tracks marked with *)

Sketches: Endangered Species, Horse Racing, TV, Bruce Forsyth, Records, Soul Time, Russia, Sir, Celebrity Suicide, Politics, Labels, Street Music, The Horn, Mona, The Critics, Intergalactic Sex*, Rape Death And Paralysis*, Lady Vera Fart Teller*, I Can’t Shit*, Sex Manual*, Stupid* 

[ Download: Celebrity Suicide  mp3|2m20s|2.68mb ]

Derek & Clive's Greatest Shits Volume 1
Krass Records (Australian only) 2LPs KLP71 CD KRASS781407

Worst Job I Ever Had/ I Saw This Bloke/ Records/ Parking Offence/ Racing/ Non-stop Dancer, My Mum Song/ Bo Dudley/ Worst Job He Ever Had/ Jump/ Joan Crawford/ This Bloke Came Up To Me/ Nurse/ Soul Time/ Having A Wank

Derek & Clive's Greatest Shits Volume 2
Krass Records (Australia only) LP KLP72

No track details as yet

ALBUM: Consequences

Consequences by Godley & Creme
Mercury (UK) LP CONS17, CONC17, (US)
SRM-3-1700, (Aus) 6641 658

Released on 2CDs by One Way Records OW543634/ 314 543 634 2 (US release Dec 2000) Limited edition CD release Mercury 848 565-2

Godley & Creme triple album for which Peter Cook wrote and performed a play, with his then-wife Judy Huxtable taking the female roles. The play is spread over the second and third discs, the first one being almost entirely instrumental.

Disc 1: Seascape, Wind, Fireworks, Stampede, Burial Scene, Sleeping Earth, Honolulu Lulu, The Flood

Disc 2: Five O’Clock In The Morning, When Things Go Wrong, Lost Weekend, Rosie [vocals: Cook], Office Chase, Cool Cool Cool

Disc 3: Cool Cool Cool (Reprise), Sailor, Mobilization, Please Please Please, Blint’s Tune (Movements 1-17)

(Note: There was also a 1979 single LP compilation, Music From Consequences, made to promote the album but not featuring Peter Cook. The limited edition CD from Mercury features some clumsy editing. A sample of Cook introduces Godley & Creme’s History Mix Vol. 1 LP (1985))

A Poke In The Eye (With A Sharp Stick)
Transatlantic LP TRA 331

Record of Amnesty concert.

Features: Not An Asp, Court Room, So That’s The Way You Like It

The Complete Poke In The Eye (With A Sharp Stick)

Features: Not An Asp, Court Room, So That’s The Way You Like It, The Miner

The Dead Parrot Society
Rhino CD R2 71049

Features recordings from A Poke In The Eye, including Court Room, Memoirs Of A Miner

The Mermaid Frolics
Polydor LP 2384 101

From the Amnesty concert.

Features: E.L. Wisty From Beyond The Veil, The Miner, the latter from the stage production of A Poke In The Eye (With A Sharp Stick)

The Secret Policeman’s Ball
Island LP ILPS 9601

Record of Amnesty concert.

Features: Interesting Facts, Pregnancy Test, The End Of The World, Entirely A Matter For You

[ Download: Pregnancy Test mp3|1m15s|1.14mb ]

ALBUM: Here Comes the Judge: Live In Concert

Here Comes The Judge: Live In Concert
Virgin LP VR4

EP of the Secret Policeman’s Ball sketch, plus three others recorded in a studio with John Lloyd.

Sketches: Entirely A Matter For You, Well-Hung Jury, Thanksgiving, Rad Job.

[ Download: Entirely A Matter... mp3|10m0s|4.58mb ]
[ Download: Well-Hung Jury mp3|5m04s|2.32mb ]
 Download: Thanksgiving    mp3|2m31s|1.15mb ]
 Download: Rad Job           mp3|6m09s|2.81mb ]
CREDITCREDIT:Thanks to Richard Grocock for these.

Private Eye Presents Golden Satiricals
Springtime /  Island LP HAHA 6002 -  Re-released on the MCI label

Collection of all ten Private Eye flexidiscs (see Singles)

Barry Took’s Pick Of The News Quiz Volume 1
BBC Audio ISBN 0563389141

Compilation tape from long running radio quiz The News Quiz. Features contributions from Cook.

(Note: There have also been Barry Took’s Pick Of The News Quiz Volume  2 (ISBN 0563557729) and Simon Hoggart’s Pick Of The News Quiz Volume 1 (ISBN 0563477628) both published by BBC Audio, neither of which feature Cook as far as we know)

Just A Minute Volume 1
BBC Audio

Compilation of early shows of popular BBC Radio 4 panel game featuring a couple of clips of Peter Cook. Currently out-of-print.

An Evening With Peter Cook And Dudley Moore And E.L.Wisty
Funny Business /  Speaking Volumes 522 101 4

Re-reelase on double tape of the Good Evening and The Misty Mr. Wisty albums

The Peter Cook Anthology 1961-1989
Laughing Stock ISBN 1 897774 575
Compilation. Double cassette.

Sketches: (From Beyond The Fringe) Royal Box, TVPM, Real Class, Black Equals White, (From Beyond The Fringe ’64) The Sadder And Wiser Beaver, The Great Train Robbery (aka Scotland Yard), (From The World Of Pete & Dud) Lengths, The Psychiatrist, The Ravens, Art Gallery, (From A Poke In The Eye (With A Sharp Stick)) Miner (aka Sitting On A Bench), Asp (aka Not An Asp), (From The Mermaid Frolics) E.L. Wisty From Beyond The Veil, (From The Secret Policeman’s Ball) Interesting Facts, Entirely A Matter For You, The End Of The World, Balloon (aka Pregnancy Test), (From The Secret Policeman’s Biggest Ball) Tarzan (aka One Leg Too Few)

Why Bother?
BBC Audio Cassette: ISBN 0563557478 CD: ISBN 0563558601

Sketches: Eels, Love And Guns. Bears. Christ. Prisoner Of War. Drugs Etc.

Over At Rainbow's
Proper Records: Double CD (CD PVCD108 Cassette PVMC108)

Selection of "Rainbow" George Weiss's taped conversations with Peter Cook among others.

Disc 1: The Rainbow Connection, Parliamentary Privilege, Try Living With Her, Fritz, Dud's Clause And Liz's Tits, On And On All Night, Eight Billion To One, Speed Of Darkness, George Of Hamsters, Curtains, I Am From Norway (And I Have Some Money On Me), Man The Hunter, If You Were God, A Fiver For Orthodox Jews, In The Beginning

Disc 2: The Comic The Mystic And The Tramp, Gefilte Rotweiller, Placebos, Beverly's Mouth, Play Wisty For Me, Oedipus Schmoedipus, A Ghastly Failure, Tomorrow Will Be Stunning, Heady Gudgeon

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