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 Peter Cook Presents The Misty Mr. Wisty LP
audio files taken from the wonderful 1965 album.
 Peter Cook Docu
as we were asked to contribute 'ideas' for the Carlton TV "Legends" docu, I thought I'd make it available via the site.

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Most Respected:
LINK: Cook'dandBomb'd
   Cook'dandBomb'd: a very nicely designed site, holds a a great deal of information on Chris Morris; Peter Cook's collaborator on "Why Bother?". Go there NOW!
LINK: Peter Cook eMail List
   The Peter Cook eMail List: a wonderful place to discuss all things Peter Cook and where all the stories break first.
LINK: Update announcements for
   The Establishment Update List: Used only to announce updates to
Peter Cook:
LINK: OFFICIAL Peter Cook website the OFFICIAL Peter Cook Website is unfinished. Shame. It was *rumoured* that this is/was a joint venture between Lin Cook (Peter Cook's 3rd wife) and Michael Mileham (a good friend of Peter Cook). The URL is registered to Mileham Entertainment.
LINK: Phespirit    Phespirit: contains the transcripts (and some audio) from all three Derek & Clive albums. It's very easy to lose an afternoon reading everything contained within. Highly recommended.
LINK: Mr Blint's Attic
   Mr Blint's Attic: an excellent and long standing site dedicated to the Consequences album Peter Cook made with Godley and Creme. . . includes some audio files, and a partial transcript.
LINK: a very nicely designed site, with some interesting articles. Although it has, sadly, not been updated for some time, it's definitely worth setting a couple of hours aside to explore. N.B. uses Flash
LINK: World Wide Willesden    World Wide Willesden: The graphics went missing several years ago (hence the poor lay out), and they've really failed to keep pace with developments (like Real Audio files? Who's interested?). This site features the four characters played by Peter Cook on Clive Anderson Talksback. Anne T'ing is presently spreading a rumour that she's "bought out their content" & will be shutting them down soon. Hosted by
LINK: Private Eye    Private Eye: the only survivor of Peter Cook's once great "Satire Empire". He became involved with the magazine very early on, and soon became proprietor; a position he held until the day he died.
LINK:    The Idler: An excellent website and magazine, focusing on contemporary humour. The website is updated every fortnight and includes a facility to purchase copies of the magazine online.
LINK:    Mustard Mag: Mustard is an eclectic mix of articles, reviews, cartoons and other miscellaneous ramblings. Very nicely put together, Mustard is available in three different formats, all of them FREE!
LINK: includes details of not only The Kenneth Williams Appreciation Society, The Navy Lark Appreciation Society and The Goon Show Preservation Society but also British Comedy; a Brit-Com encyclopedia.
LINK: is a huge, searchable database of comedy related links. We highly rate this site - contains links to some excellent sites. If you should feel so inclined, please pop along and 'rate' The Establishment.
LINK: perform a search under "peter cook" or "derek and clive" etc and snap up all those goodies. Please note many of the videos available from are only available in NTSC (US) format. If you require videos in PAL (UK) format, you're far better off visiting
LINK: : often has a larger selection of Pete & Dud material than it's American cousin. Generally a better choice for UK-dwellers.
LINK: eBay    eBay! Auction house which often has many Peter Cook items available. . . Check availability/prices with other sources (Amazon/Blackstar), before getting locked into a "bidding war" as items which are still commercially available are often sold elsewhere for less than they are advertised on eBay!
LINK: Blackstar    Blackstar: a British company which has various Peter Cook videos available for sale. Also has a feature where they will find 'Out Of Print' videos for you.
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