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Derek and Clive It was thought that Derek & Clive first recorded material in New York, during Pete & Dud's American "Good Evening" tour. New evidence suggests this is not the case. Did Pete & Dud make some early Derek & Clive recordings in England?
You'll have to read issue 22 of Pub & Bed to find out.
In the meantime, we offer a selection of Derek & Clive rareties, including transcripts of unrecorded material.

CREDITThanks to Phespirit, for pics of the Derek & Clive album covers.

 Peter Cook Presents The Misty Mr. Wisty LP
audio files taken from the wonderful 1965 album.
 Peter Cook Docu
as we were asked to contribute 'ideas' for the Carlton TV "Legends" docu, I thought I'd make it available via the site.

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 Kirk Douglas' Snails - This Bloke Come Up To Me.
An entirely different, bootleg recording of "The Worst Job I Ever Had", which soon descends into the Dudley Moore sweary-cuntathon that is "This Bloke Come Up To Me".
mp3 available for download : playtime: 5m35s | download:1.27mb
Sex Crime  Sex Crime.
A version of "Winky Wanky Woo", with killer punchline by Peter Cook!
Recorded live, this track only appeared on the b-side of "Squatter And The Ant"; a 7" single recorded in 1976, on Island Records and released to promote the "Derek & Clive(Live)" album.
mp3 available for download : playtime: 2m27s | download:567Kb
Derek and Clive: Outtakes.  Derek & Clive Outtakes.
Of the four sketches in this section, three contain material which failed to make it to the final cut. The fourth sketch is yet another unrecorded version of "The Worst Job I Ever Had".
Outtakes pt01      Outtakes pt02
Come Again sleeve notes
 Derek & Clive Come Again.
No longer commercially available, these are the sleevenotes, published with the original release of the second album "Derek and Clive Come Again."
An Interview With Hugh Padgham  An interview with Hugh Padgham.
Hugh engineered, and worked closely with Peter Cook in editing, the third Derek & Clive album, "Ad Nauseum". This interview was first printed in Publish & Bedazzled#10.
Dudley Moore Speaks About Derek And Clive.
Douglas Thompson's 1996 biography "Dudley Moore" (published by: Little, Brown & Company; ISBN: 0316875856 ) included a chat with Dud about Peter Cook and the Derek & Clive L.P.'s
Peter Cook Speaks About Derek And Clive
At the time Peter Cook spoke to the Sheffield & North Derbyshire Spectator, the first Derek & Clive album had reached the number 12 position in the UK Album Charts.
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