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Publish and Bedazzled #25 is currently out of print.


 Peter Cook Presents The Misty Mr. Wisty LP
audio files taken from the wonderful 1965 album.
 Peter Cook Docu
as we were asked to contribute 'ideas' for the Carlton TV "Legends" docu, I thought I'd make it available via the site.

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Inside Issue 25:

Nether Wallop Arts Festival: a transcript of the sketch Peter Cook performed with Mel Smith at the Festival, also includes screen shots from London Weekend Television's coverage of the festival. (This is the infamous, drunkenly improvised 'Synchronized Swimmers Sketch')

Interview: A bit of a chat with John Antrobus. The lovely Mr Antrobus wrote An Apple A Day. The tv play was originally intended to star Peter Sellers, find out why he came to be replaced by Peter Cook and Dudley Moore.

Peter Cook Song Book: although the commercial release was sung by Spike Milligan, the words to 'There Ain't No Morning After' were penned by a certain Mr C. Cook.

Sports Round Up: A collection of some of Peter Cook's finest sporting moments.

Interview: The Holy Dragger met up with Kenneth Griffith, who starred alongside Peter Cook, Dudley Moore and Spike Milligan in An Apple A Day.

Nether Wallop Arts Festival: a bit of a chat with Stephen Pile. If there had been no Mr Pile, there would have been no festival.

Clive Anderson Talks Back: Peter Cook's earlier(1992) appearance on Clive's show.

A Life In Pieces: the penultimate episode; Eleven Ladies Dancing.

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