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CREDIT: Discography compiled by the Publish & Bedazzled editorial team.

 Peter Cook Presents The Misty Mr. Wisty LP
audio files taken from the wonderful 1965 album.
 Peter Cook Docu
as we were asked to contribute 'ideas' for the Carlton TV "Legends" docu, I thought I'd make it available via the site.

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SINGLE: Kenneth Williams E.P.

Kenneth Williams – Kenneth Williams
Decca DFE 8548

7” EP.

Sketches: Hand Up Your Sticks*, Not An Asp*, The Last To Go, Buy British*

* Sketches written by Peter Cook

Hand Up Your Sticks: Kenneth Williams & Lance Percival
7” Single B-side unknown

The End Of The World  /   Sitting On A Bench
Parlophone Single R 4969

Sitting On A Bench /  Strictly For The Birds (The Dudley Moore Trio) /  And The Same To You
Parlophone EP GEP 8940

SINGLE: Watneys

Watney’s: Meet Dynamic New Sales Recruit E.L.Wistey! (Alias Peter Cook)

Flexidisc put out to coincide with Cook’s television commercial campaign for Watney’s ale.

[ Download: Watneys Adverts mp3|11m39s|1.88mb ]

His Master’s Vass
Lyntone flexidisc, attached to Private Eye Oct 2 1964

I Saw Daddy Kissing Santa Claus
Lyntone flexidisc, attached to Private Eye  Dec 18 1964

The Rites Of Spring
Lyntone flexidisc, attached to Private Eye Apr 1 1965

(Note: The following single was released at around this time under the name of Peter Cook: Georgia /  There And Bach Again
Pye single 7N 15847 (Apr 1965)
This was by a different Peter Cook)


Goodbyee /  Not Only But Also [theme]
Decca single F 12158 (May 1965)

[ Download: Goodbyee mp3|2m04s|968kb ]
[ Download: NOBA Theme mp3|2m15s|1.03mb ]

The Ballad Of Spotty Muldoon /  Lovely Lady of The Roses
Decca single F 12182 (Jul 1965)

Both tracks written by Cook /  Moore. Backing by The Dudley Moore Trio

[ Download: The Ballad Of Spotty Muldoon mp3|3m55s|1.79mb ]
[ Download: Lovely Lady Of The Roses mp3|3m28s|1.58mb ]

SINGLE: By Appointment

By Appointment
Decca EP DFE 8644

Recording of Pete & Dud dialogue specially written for the Royal Variety Performance in Nov 1965.

[ Download: By Appointment mp3|11m39s|5.33mb ]

Isn’t She A Sweetie? /  Bo Dudley
Decca single F 12380 (Apr 1966)

Bo Dudley is a studio version of the original television sketch

[ Download: Isn't She A Sweetie mp3|2m59s|1.37mb ]
[ Download: Bo Dudley mp3|4m55s|2.25mb ]

The BBC Gnome Service
Lyntone flexidisc LYN 1138, attached to Private Eye Dec 23 1966

LS Bumble Bee /  The Bee Side
Decca single F 12551 (Jan 1967)

A-side taken from Not Only… But Also 1966 Christmas special.

B-side specially written Pete & Dud dialogue

[ Download: LS Bumblebee mp3|4m55s|2.43mb ]
[ Download: The Bee Side mp3|4m55s|2.23mb ]

The Abominable Radio Gnome
Lyntone flexidisc, attached to Private Eye Dec 8 1967

Bedazzled /  Love Me
Decca F12710 (1967)

Single from movie soundtrack. Cook sings A-side, Moore sings B-side.

[ Download: Bedazzled mp3|2m55s|1.10mb ]
[ Download: Love Me mp3|1m21s|2.27mb ]

The Loneliness Of The Long Playing Record
Lyntone flexidisc, attached to Private Eye Feb 14 1969

Dear Sir, Is This A Record?
Lyntone flexidisc, attached to Private Eye Dec 5 1969

Just For The Record
Lyntone flexidisc LYN 2140, attached to Private Eye Dec 4 1970

Hullo Sailor
Lyntone flexidisc, attached to Private Eye Dec 1 1972

Lyntone flexidisc, attached to Private Eye Mar 21 1975

(Note: Roger Wilmut’s discography in Something Like Fire: Peter Cook Remembered notes the following Private Eye single: The Neasden Single /  The Trouts Spark SRL 1059 (1976). Peter Cook did not appear on this)

Squatter And The Ant /  Sex Crime
Island ‘DJ copy’ single 1976 WIP 6331

Promotional single for Derek And Clive (Live). Features an edited version of the album track Squatter etc, and a live version of Winky Wanky Woo, now under the title Sex Crime.

Derek & Clive: Six Fabulous Filthy Favourites
Krass Records KS12578 (12" single Australia only)

Soul Time/ Just One Of Those Songs/ Jump/ Street Music/ The Horn
(Choral Version)/ Bo Dudley

SINGLE: Magnolia Opus1 - front
SINGLE: Magnolia Opus1 - rear
Magnolia Opus One
Magnolia MAG001 (Single sided 7")
Features Pete and Dud discussion on Britain's "top group in the picture-frame moulding business" and Dudley Moore playing "And The Same To You."

Beat The Clock: Sparks 
Virgin 12" single 1979 VS27012

Cook appears on "hidden" track on the skiddy bit of the record near the centre.

NEW [ Download: Beat The Clock mp3|2m34s|2.35mb ]NEW

CREDITCREDIT:Many thanks to Håvar Ellingsen for the two Sparks tracks.

Try-outs For The Human Race: Sparks 
Virgin 12" single 1979 VS28912

Peter Cook makes some noises.
* Does not appear on the version from the 1979 album Number 1 In Heaven*

NEW[ Download: Try-outs For The Human Race mp3|2m50s|2.59mb ]NEW

The Sound Of Talbot
Lyntone flexidisc LYN 8925, attached to Private Eye Dec 5 1980

Record Damages
Lyntone flexidisc LYN 19463 / 4, attached to Private Eye Dec 11 1987

[ Download: Record Damages mp3|12m08s|5.55mb ]

Skeye Flexi-Dish Lyntone flexidisc, was attached to Private Eye 1 Apr 1989.
(N.B. Peter Cook did not appear on this Private Eye flexidisc.)

There Ain’t No Morning /  Himazas
Paramount single PARA 101

With Spike Milligan

Stick It Out: Right Said Fred & Friends
Comic Releif 1993 7" (COMIC1) 12" and CD single

Cook made various but sparce contributions to this charity single for Comic Relief and appears in the video.

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